Top 7 Portable Exercise Equipment To Pack on Your Travels

Top 7 Portable Exercise Equipment To Pack on Your Travels

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Looking for the best workout while traveling? Here are some tips for picking the right portable exercise equipment to take with you while on the road.

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One of the reasons people stop working out is that they don’t get enough spare time to go to the gym daily, since they are busy traveling and their busy schedules prevent them from keeping a track of their fitness regime.

While others just don’t feel comfortable working out in a gym for many reasons, however, having no fitness equipment at home to exercise makes it impossible for people to stay healthy and active. For these reasons, having portable exercise equipment becomes crucial, so you never miss out on workouts, no matter how busy you are with traveling and work life.

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Portable exercise equipment makes it incredibly convenient to stay fit, so you can achieve your fitness goals under any circumstances. Many people believe that achieving great fitness could only be possible because of heavyweight exercise machines that require lots of commitment.

However, portable exercise equipment solves all your challenges. Resistance bands, stability balls, and jump ropes are just a few examples of portable fitness equipment that offer remarkable calorie-burning activities.

How to Pick the Right Portable Exercise Equipment

Here are some tips to pick the right portable exercise equipment for taking them with you while you travel.

1. Weight

People buy portable workout equipment mostly because of its lightweight. Most of them are about the size of a small barbell, weighing 2 pounds (0.91 kg). If you are getting portable fitness equipment to work out while traveling, you need to also consider the size of your luggage bags and the amount of weight you are permitted to carry. The majority of portable exercise equipment weights between 2 and 4 pounds.

2. Folding Design

Surprisingly, most fitness enthusiasts don’t look at this factor when opting for small-sized exercise equipment.

The portable training equipment’s foldable form makes it simple to store it anywhere you desire. For instance, you can easily fit the fitness equipment in the trunk of your car and still have room to spare.

3. Easy-to-Assemble

Unlike heavyweight fitness machines, There’s no need to be concerned about assembling your portable fitness equipment because they require almost no assembly and are easy to set up.

One benefit of having portable exercise equipment is that you don’t have to set it up before using it, allowing you to work out right away without wasting time and energy on the installation process.

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4. Carrying Bag

When shopping for portable exercise equipment, seek models that have a fitness carrying bag, so you don’t have to buy a separate bag.

Gym backpacks are specially designed for workout equipment, they make it simple to transport and keep your training equipment well organized. Additionally, they also include a pocket for your water bottles.

Best Portable Exercise Equipment to Pack on Your Travels

Here are our top picks of portable exercise equipment that you can pack on your travels for a quick workout session on the go.
NOVA Personal Gym + Shoulder Bag + Exercise Mat Bundle

Key Features

  • Optimum exercise mat 
  • Total body fitness 
  • Multi-functional shoulder bag


The Nova Personal Gym with a shoulder bag and exercise mat bundle is the essential equipment you should carry while traveling. The fitness shoulder bag has enough room for all the exercise gear, a central compartment for the exercise mat, an outer mesh pouch for carrying your NOVA gym, two zipper pockets for extra accessories, and a wide mesh pouch that can fit your energy drinks. It also has two zipper pockets for additional accessories.  

Furthermore, The Spira Flex device, which has a variable resistance that feels like light plates and is used in all movements by pushing and pulling with your hands, is the ideal piece of portable exercise gear that you can use to work out with.

Floor exercises are a great way to build core body strength; The OYO fitness exercise mat is composed of 6 mm PVC, which offers exceptional comfort and support, allowing you to exercise on a cushioned surface that is soft and lightweight without damaging your back muscles.

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CEAYUN Pull up Bar for Doorway

Key Features

  • Comfortable grip
  • Latest Unique Design
  • Easy to install 


The CEAYUN pull-up bar should be on your top list if you want to strengthen your back muscles. Pull-ups have proven to be the most effective exercises for strengthening back and upper body muscles, the CEAYUN pull bar is equipped with 1.0in extra-thick foam and extra soft foam pads that provide incredible stability and comfort, so you can train with maximum efficiency. 

Moreover, it becomes easier to lift thanks to its sophisticated portable design that provides excellent solid pull-ups. The pull-up bar is constructed with high-strength 1.5 mm steel material, providing high-level durability and increasing stability for maximum pull-ups. 

The pull-up bar is perfectly suited for regular residential doors that range in size from 24 to 40 inches and are deeper than 6.7 inches. The exercise equipment also comes with 12 comfortable grips and handles, so you can perform exercises with full comfort

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Gonex Portable Home Gym Workout Equipment

Key Features

  • Multi-purpose gym equipment 
  • Non-slippery and safe honeycomb structure
  • 14 exercise accessories 


The Gonex portable home gym workout equipment is a great addition to your hike home gym, the multifunctional workout equipment can be used with numerous exercise attachments for working with entire body muscles, attachments include Post Landmine Sleeve, Push-up Handle Bar, Ab Roller,3 -section Bar and 30lbs/50 lbs Resistance Bands. 

Moreover, the fitness trainers come with a fitness manual guide and video instructions; fitness trainers design the 43 pages fitness guide, and a 70-video manual that includes all types of workout tutorials, so you can make the best use of the multipurpose gym equipment. 

 The Gonex Portable supports up to 300 lbs and provides exceptional stability and safety for intense workouts with its anti-slip button motions. The foam bar pads with safety straps also prevent slipping on the shoulder and provide pain-free bar pressure exercise.

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Laufhome Foldable Treadmill

Key Features

  • Non-slip running belt 
  • Easy to move around 
  • High-powered 3.25 HP MOTOR 
  • Heavy-duty construction


The Laufhome foldable treadmill is a high-powered treadmill with a 3.25 HP motor that is expertly designed to accommodate users of any size and shape. The treadmill combines performance and quality, giving you the perfect experience for workouts with the flexibility of a machine that can be easily folded. 

The Multipurpose LCD screen display monitors your real-time data, allowing users to read your workout stats while working out easily. Moreover, you can also connect the running machine to your smartphone through its Bluetooth audio speaker, so you can enjoy working out while listening to your favorite songs.

The Laufhome Treadmill has the added benefit of being 95% assembled when you buy it; you need to tighten a few screws and be ready to use the treadmill. Nevertheless, it is convenient to move the treadmill about thanks to the built-in transport wheels. 

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Yes4All Full Portable Home Gym Workout Equipment
$102.42 $97.17

Key Features

  • Full body workout 
  • Adjustable Stoppers 
  • Easy to install 


If you travel frequently and struggle to keep up with your fitness routine, you should consider getting Yes4All full portable home gym workout equipment; the pocket-friendly fitness equipment gives you an entire body workout with great portability and added versatility. 

The portable fitness equipment emphasizes a Premium Balance Board, 6 Resistance Bands ranging from 30 to 50 pounds, 2 Wrist Straps, 2 handles, 1 Exercise Bar, 1 Door Anchor, 1 Foot Strap & 1 Carry Bag. Furthermore, there's no need to stress over difficult setups; all you have to do is pull the bar and start working out with the portable workout equipment. 

Thanks to its superior resistance band system, the Yes4All portable training equipment enables you to engage in vigorous full-body toning exercises and aids in calorie burning. You can also attach resistance bands to perform various exercises to work your body muscles. 

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Pilates Bar Kit with Resistance Bands
$39.99 $23.99

Key Features

  • Adjustable Resistance Bands 
  • Wider Foot Loop
  • Full body training 
  • Adjustable Bar Length


The lightweight and portable Pilates Bar Kit with Resistance Bands is a piece of great workout equipment for strengthening the core and working with your upper-body muscles. The workout equipment is perfect for low and high-insanity workouts, thanks to its adjustable resistance bands that increase the resistance of the elastic band by making it shorter and decrease the resistance by making it wide. 

Furthermore, you can adjust the length of the bar, so when you are traveling, you travel easily with the Pilates bar tied down. And to ensure a comfortable workout, The superior steel rod is wrapped in soft foam to ensure a comfortable workout. 

The Pilates bar kit provides you with the all-important exercise equipment required for a full-body workout, including wide, non-slip foot belts and adjustable latex resistance bands that are difficult to break; the strong 360° rotating metal lifting lugs and heavy-duty alloy buckle are provided long-lasting durability. 

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EVO Gym - Portable Home Gym Strength Training Equipment
$249.99 $219.99

Key Features

  • Resistance Bands
  • Incremental Resistance
  • Compact and Easy to Carry


Fitness should always be convenient and enjoyable, and the EVO - Portable Hike Gym Strength Training Equipment delivers both. The compact, durable training equipment is portable and takes up little room, so you can easily pack in your travel bags. Thanks to the EVO gym custom bands, you can add multiple bands at different points depending on your height and the intensity of your workouts. 

You can execute quick squats without worrying about maintaining tension thanks to the base of the fitness equipment that is built of robust aircraft-grade aluminum that won't bend. The EVO Gym effectively works your entire body; you can work your arms and chest with floor presses, weighted push-ups, flies, and hex presses. 

Furthermore, workout equipment is perfect for building a strong upper body and toning your back muscles for a strong back and can provide enough support to your glute bridges. 

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