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Top Home Gym Equipment You Should Have for An Intense Workout at Home

Top Home Gym Equipment You Should Have for An Intense Workout at Home

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Must Have Home Gym Equipment for 2022
Here are our top picks of must-have home gym equipment to up your workout game in 2022!

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Are you tired of traveling to the gym every day? Do you often skip your gym days for unforeseen reasons, bad weather, or lack of time? Are you tired of paying for a gym membership? Do you prefer privacy while working out? Are you just a workout enthusiast who wants to have home gym equipment set up of your own? A home gym can be your go-to place for a simple or intense full-body cardio workout.

A home gym works best for people who want to stay fit for a long time by following a consistent workout routine. However, storing a lot of equipment can be difficult if you live in a small place.

Thus, it is suggested to get space-friendly home gym equipment to save your space as well as gym membership money. Let us now talk about the best home gym equipment that is a must-have for a private gym.

Must-Have Home Gym Equipment for 2022

Here are our top picks of must-have home gym equipment to up your workout game in 2022!

1. Barbell Set

A barbell set is made of a long metallic rod on which different adjustable weight plates are placed according to your workout capacity. Barbell set is used for weight training, bodybuilding, enhancing strength, resistance training, and other lower or upper body workouts making it an essential workout equipment.

The barbell sets are made of a durable material like steel, having a weight capacity of up to 700 lbs, a standard diameter of the rod, thin width of the weight plates, and a design that offers firm grips.

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2. Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is an indoor home fitness equipment that gives the benefits of watercraft rowing, helping you in losing weight, strength training, building the major muscles of your limbs, enhancing endurance, and improving cardiovascular stamina. They work on water or air resistance.

It is one of the best home gym workout equipment as it thins your body while toning muscles and reducing heart and breathing rates. Keep in mind the size, storage, and noise level while buying a rowing machine.

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3. Treadmill

Treadmills are the most widely used gym equipment, right? They are used for experiencing walking, running, jogging, or climbing while staying in one place. Moreover, they are excellent for cardio workouts, strength training, reducing body weight, toning muscles, and efficient aerobic workout.

A good treadmill is durable, easy to use, environment-friendly, and comfortable. Also, look for the weight capacity, belt size, and cushioning before getting one for yourself.

Treadmills are one of the best pieces of gym equipment when it comes to feasibility, reliability, long-term use, and fruitful effects.

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4. Air Bike

An air bike is a hybrid of an exercise bike and an elliptical and is one of the most popular gym equipment in the CrossFit community. It is used for a cardio workout, full body workout, interval training, and body weight loss.

Air bikes have a fan attached in front of the pedals and it uses compressed air as the power source. Thus, it is a pollution-free home gym device. It is important to buy an air bike with stability, a comfortable seat, a digital display, and transport wheels.

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5. Workout mat

A workout mat also called a yoga mat is a cushioning exercise mat made of a soft and durable material like PVC with an easy-to-clean covering like vinyl. They are used for stretching, crunching exercises, squats, and yoga.

A yoga mat is essential for a safe workout as it prevents injury, decreases the pressure on joints, and relieves pain. A 4-6mm thick, non-slip textured, sticky, and eco-friendly yoga mat works best. So, do not forget to buy a high-quality yoga mat when you are getting your home gym equipment.

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6. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are long lightweight elastic loops that are used in toning muscles, muscle training, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. They work by creating resistance against which the muscles move and induce contraction.

These bands are color-coded depending on the level of their resistance. The colors include red, green, blue, and black representing light, medium, heavy, and X-heavy resistance. They make a vital part of high-quality home gym tools. Tension and strength are the most important factors of a durable resistance band.

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7. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are part of gym equipment used in weight lifting, weight training, increasing muscle mass, and joint isolation exercises like bicep curls. They come in a pair and have short rods with weight on their ends. The weights could be round, square, or hexagonal.

They can be adjustable, plate-loadable, or fixed and made of rubber or metal. While choosing dumbbells, make sure that the set has a light, medium, and heavy weights so that you can slowly increase the weight.

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8. Elliptical

An elliptical is a low-impact stationary machine similar to a treadmill. They work best for people with musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis or injury as they put no pressure on joints and provide the benefits of running, walking, or climbing.

They are used to improve the health of the lungs and heart, strength training, boost stamina, improve balance, and lose fat. A home gym elliptical must have adjustable resistance, changeable incline, quiet operation, and smooth motion. So add an elliptical to the list of your home gym equipment if you suffer from any joint condition.

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9. Jump Rope

A jump rope is a long rope with fixed handles used for swinging and doing exercise. It is a part of the most feasible and best home gym equipment. Melting fats fastly, making you lean, improving posture, better sleep, enhancing cardio stamina, and increasing bone density are some of the common jump rope benefits.

A cable rope that is easy to replace with a 90-degree angle handle having ball bearings, good grip, and length adjustments are some of the qualities of an efficient jump rope.

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10. Core Sliders

Core sliders are home gym equipment with double-sided discs used for burning fats, cardio training, and full-body workouts. They work on abdominal and core muscles and are helpful for plank exercises as they make you move faster and increase intensity.

The best core sliders have different materials on both sides, are easy to handle, and glide smoothly for uninterrupted workouts. Core sliders with plastic on one side can also be used on carpets.

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11. Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is a high-weight graspable ball having a diameter comparable to shoulder width. You can do exercises like rock and roll up, lunge with overhead press, reverse swing, and squats using a medicine ball. It helps to build muscle, improve neuromuscular coordination, enhance muscle power, build flexibility, and rehabilitate.

While getting a medicine ball as your home gym equipment, you should look for a suitable size and weight, a durable rubber design, and a dimpled surface for a better grip.

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12. Kettlebells

Kettlebells are big round balls made of cast iron or steel and have a gripping handle. They work on hundreds of muscles in the body and are used for defining muscles, improving cardiovascular stamina, strengthening joints, and enhancing power for sports.

Kettlebells are efficient in strength-based workouts. They come in multiple sizes with weight differences of 4, 5, or 9 lbs. The width of the handle, coating material, durability, weight increment, and price are a few things while buying this home gym equipment.

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13. Foam Roller

Lastly, a foam roller serves as a beneficial piece of equipment for home gyms. It is a lightweight, long, and cylindrical tube having compressed foam inside. Foam rolling helps enhance flexibility, relieve muscle soreness, eliminate muscle knots, deal with inflammation, and improve joint movement.

Soft foam rollers work best for beginners while hard ones are more long-lasting and good for intermediate-level workouts. Also, high-density foam rollers are recommended.

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