Best Bathroom Accessories to Check Out in 2022

Best Bathroom Accessories to Check Out in 2022

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Best Bathroom Accessories to Buy This Year
Not everyone knows how to make their bathrooms look clean and exquisite so we have compiled a list of various accessories and accessory holders to give your bathroom a perfect look.

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Need some bathroom accessories to tidy up your bathroom and make it look lavish? Renovating your house but can’t find accessories that are suitable for your bathroom?

We all dream of having beautiful houses and decorating every nook and corner of our house including bathrooms. The bathroom is as important as any other part of our house. For most people, it is the only place where they can quietly prepare for their day. A soothing warm bath can help them relax and refresh themselves.

Best Bathroom Accessories

So, Setting your bathrooms in a proper way is the most essential part of giving a complete and decent look to your house. If the ambiance of your bathroom is in accordance with your requirements, you can feel calm and satisfied.

But, not everyone knows how to make their bathrooms look clean and exquisite. Therefore, we have a list of various accessories and accessory holders to give your bathroom a perfect look.

Best Bathroom Accessories to Buy This Year

Here are our top picks of best bathroom accessories to buy in 2022.

Franklin Brass Kinla -towel Bar Accessory Set
$32.99 $24.40

Key Features

  • Reliable and long-lasting
  • Corrosion-proof
  • Easy maintenance


The Franklin Brass towel bar accessory set offers two options; a three-piece accessory set and a five-piece accessory set. It is made of multiple base materials, which makes it durable. The polished chrome color gives a versatile look to your bathroom.

This set has a finely polished surface; consequently, it is easy to clean. The towel holder is wall mounted and can be installed easily. The accessories as a whole occupy less space, but they will make your bathroom feel luxurious.

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12/01/2023 09:50 am GMT
Greater Goods Digital Weight Bathroom Scale
$27.99 $15.97

Key Features

  • Legible display
  • Durable tempered glass top
  • Classic design


Tired of finding a weight scale you won’t have to hide in your cupboard? Looking for a scale that can complement your bathroom well? 

The greater good weight bathroom scale has a digital display. Its backlit display shows all the important metrics. It comes in various colors like black, white, silver, etc. Although it looks sleek and delicate, its tempered glass top makes it strong. So, this scale can be the best option for your bathroom. 

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12/01/2023 09:46 am GMT

Want to explore other scales? The Withings Body+ Wi-Fi Smart Scale might be a better choice. Check out our review of the Withings Body+ Wi-Fi Smart Scale.

Amazon Basics 3-Piece Ceramic Bathroom Accessories Set
$19.77 $15.46

Key Features

  • Sturdy ceramic body
  • Break- and leak-proof dispenser
  • Easy to use


This 3-piece ceramic set consists of a soap dish, soap dispenser, and a toothbrush container. Its Black ceramic body gives it a fine look. Since it is made of strong material, it cannot break or leak easily. 

The head press is made of plastic material which is easy to pump. This set will save your bathroom from getting messy. Furthermore, it will enhance the appearance of your bathroom. 

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12/01/2023 09:55 am GMT
HAOCOO Area Rugs 2'x3' Leaves Velveteen Green Bath Mat

Key Features

  • Soft wool material
  • Maximum absorption
  • Resistant to slipping
  • Machine washable


Mats are the most essential accessory for bathrooms. We always look for efficient mats that absorb water, save you from slipping, can be washed in machines, and can be easily cleaned. But, we cannot find these qualities in a single mat.

HAOCOO bath mats not only have all these qualities but also are soft. Their modern design and all the above-mentioned qualities make them perfect for your bathroom. 

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12/01/2023 10:03 am GMT
YAWSOUP Shower Caddy with Hooks
$22.99 $17.99 ($4.50 / Count)

Key Features

  • Extra space and more depth for arranging items
  • High weight-bearing capability
  • Waterproof


YAWSOUP shower Caddy shelf has a length of 14.2 inches. The longer length and more depth lead to the safe arrangement of many items. It can bear up to 35 pounds of weight. The high-quality metal used in making this shower caddy shelf makes it rust-free.

It is water-resistant. Above all, it has a strong adhesive so that you won’t have to drill a hole in your wall. 

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12/01/2023 10:03 am GMT
Zenna Home Toothbrush Holder
$19.99 $11.06

Key Features

  • Accommodates 4 toothbrushes
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy fitting


If you are a fan of the sea theme then you are going to like this accessory for sure. It has details like sea shells, nautical ropes, etc which are sea-themed. As for size, It is small enough to fit easily in sinks. It has a capacity of 4 toothbrushes. 

It is made of resin that can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth. So if you don’t want your toothbrushes to get lost and your bathroom looks messy, you can turn to the Zenna toothbrush holder.

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12/01/2023 10:09 am GMT
Amazon Basics Fun and Playful Blue/Light Grey Rugby Stripe Microfiber Bathroom Shower Curtain

Key Features

  • Easy to install
  • Durable ring holes
  • Machine washable


The Bathroom shower curtain is made up of polyester and has a beautiful pattern. As a result, the curtain is lightweight and attractive. It has ring holes thus making installation easy and providing durability. 

As for washing, you can wash it in the machine and can use non-chlorine bleach as well. But remember, do not iron it after washing it. Its polyester material already makes it wrinkle-free. 

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Amazon Basics 6-Piece Fade Resistant Bath, Hand and Washcloth Towel Set - Navy Blue

Key Features

  • Comfortable 
  • Long-lasting
  • Fade-resistant


The next product in the line is a 6-piece towel set. It has 100% cotton and navy blue that can complement your bathroom well. Its soft and long-lasting material can add comfort to your life. The traditional pique borders of these towels give them a classic look.

The cotton used in its making is not only soft but also highly reliable. And if you are worried about the quality, it is fade-resistant. Therefore, getting this 6-piece towel set will not be a bad bargain for you. 

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12/01/2023 10:13 am GMT
PuTwo Makeup Organizer
$21.99 $19.71

Key Features

  • Sturdy, stylish, and elegant 
  • Versatile in function
  • Handmade


If you are a girl, it is impossible not to have make-up in your bathroom. Right? You do like to put make-up there for little touch-ups but don’t know where to place it? We have a solution for you.

You can buy a PuTwo makeup organizer with different compartments to put different products in a single place. It is handmade having thick glass and gold metal boundaries. This gives it an elegant look. You can also use it as a pencil holder. 

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12/01/2023 11:16 am GMT
5-Piece Bathroom Decor Set
$49.95 $43.35

Key Features

  • Resistant to odors and bacteria
  • Simple and flexible in use
  • Sustainable

Here comes another amazing product! It is a 5-piece set with a trash basket, soap dish and dispenser, toothbrush holder, and a tray. You can place these in your bathroom or anywhere in the house. 

It has bamboo and stainless steel so that it can last longer and give a natural look to your bathroom. The set altogether can help you tidy up your bathroom nicely. 

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12/01/2023 11:16 am GMT
Comfort Spaces Enya Bathroom Shower Microfiber Fabric Bath Curtains
$21.99 $18.43

Key Features

  • Soft and light-weight
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy maintenance


Are you a fan of floral patterns? Do you dream of having floral soft curtains to blend well with the surroundings of your bathroom? Check out these Enya bathroom shower curtains.

They are made of microfibre polyester which gives them softness. Their aqua color provides a soothing effect to the eyes. They are lightweight and can be washed in a machine but on a gentle cycle.

They are water resistant, so don’t worry about getting them wet. 

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12/01/2023 11:20 am GMT
Aesthetic Bathroom Towel Rack for Wall Mount

Key Features

  • Aesthetic typography
  • Rust-free
  • Water-proof
  • Simple to set


The last item is the Aesthetic bathroom towel rack. This metal towel rack gives a unique appearance to bathrooms due to its typography. It has five hooks that are resistant to corrosion and water. 

The high-quality metal increases its durability. You can easily install it anywhere on your wall. Just add a few screws, and you are ready to use it!

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12/01/2023 12:07 pm GMT
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