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Beet Gummies: Health Benefits and Top Brands Explored

Beet Gummies: Health Benefits and Top Brands Explored

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Beet Gummies
Beet gummies have gained popularity in recent years as a convenient and enjoyable way to reap the health benefits of beetroots. These tasty gummies are full of essential vitamins and minerals that can aid cell functioning, promote blood flow, and keep glucose levels balanced. This article will explore the advantages of incorporating beetroot gummies into your daily routine.

We'll also explore some popular brands offering high-quality beet chews made from organic beet root powder, each tailored to address specific health concerns. Furthermore, expectant mothers may find valuable information on how these supplements can contribute to proper fetal development through their folic acid content.

Lastly, we will discuss the importance of magnesium in beets and how it plays a crucial role in various bodily processes. By the conclusion of this article, you'll know why beet gummies should be considered for your nutrition plan.

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Beet Gummies and Their Health Benefits

Beet gummies are a convenient way to incorporate the numerous health benefits of beets into one’s daily routine. These gummies are sugar-free, gelatin-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free, GMO-free, and gluten-free, making them suitable for various dietary preferences and restrictions. They offer advantages such as naturally lowering high blood pressure levels while safeguarding vital organs like eyesight, skin, kidneys, and liver, thanks mainly to their nitric oxide content.

Support Cellular Function and Vascular Health

Organic beet root powder, found in many beet chews on the market today, contains essential nutrients that support cellular function and vascular health. The high concentration of nitrates in beetroots helps your body produce more nitric oxide – a molecule responsible for relaxing blood vessels and improving circulation.

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Improve Circulation and Boost Energy Levels

The increased production of nitric oxide also improves circulation throughout the body. This can increase energy levels by efficiently ensuring that oxygen-rich blood reaches all parts of your system. Many consumers have reported feeling an instant sugar boost after consuming deliciously chewy gummies made with beetroot powder.

Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

  • No added sugar: Beet supplements like SuperBeets Gummies contain no added sugars or artificial sweeteners.
  • Natural black cherry flavor: The natural black cherry flavor in HumanN SuperBeets gummies makes them enjoyable while providing a healthy alternative to sugar-laden snacks.
  • Tapioca syrup: Instead of high-fructose corn syrup, many beet chews use tapioca syrup – a healthier option that doesn’t cause sudden spikes in blood sugar levels.

Incorporating beetroot gummies into your daily supplement routine can provide numerous health benefits without the need for artificial flavors or colors. So why not give these tasty and nutritious treats a try?

Beet gummies are a great way to support your health and provide numerous benefits, from boosting energy levels to regulating blood sugar. Popular brands of beet gummies can offer even more targeted effects, such as weight management or enhanced immune response.

Key Takeaway: Beet gummies are a sugar-free, gelatin-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free, GMO-free, and gluten-free way to incorporate the numerous health benefits of beets into one’s daily routine. They offer advantages such as naturally lowering high blood pressure levels while safeguarding vital organs like eyesight, skin, kidneys, and liver, thanks mainly to their nitric oxide content. Incorporating beetroot gummies into your daily supplement routine can provide numerous health benefits without the need for artificial flavors or colors.

Popular Brands of Beet Gummies

When incorporating beetroot into our daily diets, beetroot gummies have become a convenient and delicious option. Packed with the goodness of beetroot, these chewy treats offer a range of potential health benefits, from supporting cardiovascular health to boosting stamina. However, with the abundance of brands available in the market, finding the most popular and reputable options can be daunting. In this guide, we will explore the realm of beetroot gummies, highlighting some popular brands known for their quality ingredients, great taste, and positive customer feedback.

1. Goli Beets Cardio Gummies

Goli Nutrition, the maker of these heart-shaped gummies, has a well-earned reputation for crafting health products that not only provide a plethora of nutritional benefits, but also taste incredibly delicious. These Cardio Gummies are no exception to the brand’s commitment to excellence.

Impressive Brand and High-Quality Product

Goli Nutrition, widely recognized for their dedication to creating effective and flavorful health products, have outdone themselves with the Goli Beets Cardio Gummies. This brand has a track record of combining wellness benefits with delectable taste, and these Cardio Gummies are a testament to this commitment.

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Powerful Ingredients for Heart Health

The standout feature of these gummies is their star-studded ingredient list, namely Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), Beet Root Extract, and Vitamin B12. CoQ10 is celebrated for its antioxidant characteristics and is known to play a pivotal role in cardiovascular health by fueling cell growth and maintenance.

The Superfood Boost

The inclusion of Beet Root Extract amplifies the health benefits of these gummies. As a superfood packed with dietary nitrates, beetroot supports heart health by helping the body produce nitric oxide, a compound that aids in widening blood vessels to improve blood flow.

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Vitamin B12 for Cellular Energy

Vitamin B12 further fortifies these gummies by contributing to nerve health, DNA production, and most importantly, supporting cellular energy generation. It’s also associated with heart health through its role in regulating blood levels of homocysteine – an amino acid linked with heart disease.

Catering to Dietary Restrictions

For those with specific dietary needs, these gummies are a perfect fit. They are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and gelatin-free, making them an inclusive health supplement.

Enjoyable and Delicious

In terms of taste and texture, the Goli Beets Cardio Gummies are a clear winner. They offer a pleasant, subtly sweet taste and a satisfying chewiness, making them a great alternative to conventional pills or capsules.

A Supplement, Not a Cure

While they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, these gummies can be a valuable addition to a heart-healthy lifestyle. They make daily nutritional supplementation more enjoyable and approachable.

Key Takeaway: To sum it up, if you’re seeking a heart-healthy supplement that doesn’t compromise on flavor, the Goli Beets Cardio Gummies may just be what you need. They offer health benefits and taste in a delightful package. Remember, a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle, and consultation with a healthcare professional are crucial when addressing heart health concerns.

2. humanN SuperBeets

humanN SuperBeets Nitric Oxide Circulation Gummies is a revolutionary product to enhance overall heart health and circulation. These sugar-free gummies are expertly formulated with premium Grape Seed Extract and Non-GMO Beet Root, both well-known for their circulatory benefits. Specifically designed to support healthy blood pressure levels, these tasty morsels are an easy and enjoyable way to incorporate heart-friendly nutrients into your daily routine. With a delicious Pomegranate Berry flavor and a convenient 60-count bottle, it’s never been simpler to take a step towards a healthier heart.

Top-Notch Brand and Quality

As the #1 Pharmacist-Recommended Beet Brand according to the IQVIA ProVoice Survey 2022, humanN presents a well-formulated product that supports blood pressure and energy levels.

Blood Pressure & Energy Support

These gummies are specially powered by French Grape Seed Extract, a unique antioxidant compound known for its health benefits. Clinical research backs up the health claims related to Grape Seed Extract, solidifying the impact of SuperBeets Circulation Gummies on blood pressure and energy levels.

Plant-Based and Sugar-Free Goodness

The SuperBeets Circulation Gummies are plant-based, vegan-friendly, and sugar-free, catering to a broad range of dietary preferences and needs. Furthermore, they’re non-GMO and caffeine-free, offering support to circulation and blood flow without relying on harsh stimulants or caffeine, thus providing a natural approach to maintaining your health.

Quality Ingredients for Optimal Results

The gummies deliver a robust serving of 150mg of clinically researched Grape Seed Extract sourced sustainably from the renowned Loire Valley in France, known for its high-quality produce. Alongside, the gummies pack a potent boost of 500mg of USA-grown, non-GMO Beet Root Powder per serving. This combination promotes Nitric Oxide production, a molecule that enhances blood circulation by relaxing and dilating blood vessels.

Convenience and Great Taste

Convenience and taste are essential when it comes to daily health supplements, and these gummies excel on both fronts. The SuperBeets Circulation Gummies are pectin-based, sugar-free, and have a delightful pomegranate berry flavor that makes them a joy to consume. Moreover, they’re vegan friendly and contain no fillers or binders, ensuring you’re consuming a product free of unnecessary additives.

Key Takeaway: the humanN SuperBeets Nitric Oxide Circulation Gummies are a standout product, offering a delicious, convenient, and effective way to support your circulatory health. With quality ingredients and an impressive endorsement as the #1 Pharmacist-Recommended Beet Brand, these gummies are a reliable choice for those seeking to enhance their heart health regimen.

3. Viteey Beet Root Gummies

Viteey Beet Root Gummies with Magnesium & Vitamin C, a dietary supplement designed to boost your energy, stimulate nitric oxide production, and bolster your immune health. Packed with a potent blend of beetroot, vitamin C, and magnesium, these gummies make it enjoyable and easy to get the necessary nutrients. With their appealing berry beet flavor, these gummies transform nutritional supplementation into a tasty treat.

Abundant Supply for Sustained Health

Viteey Beet Root Gummies offer 120 gummies, equivalent to a 2-month stock based on the recommended serving size. Each gummy is packed with 300mg of natural Beet Root, 30mg of Vitamin C, and 36mg of Magnesium. For optimal results, consuming 2 to 4 gummies daily is recommended. Being Kosher certified, these gummies are produced and formulated to meet high standards, making them a reliable choice for nutritional supplementation.

Deliciously Tasty Supplementation

One of the standout features of these Beet Root Gummies is their delightful berry beet flavor, making the daily intake of your essential nutrients a tasty affair. The fun, easy-to-chew format ensures your supplementation routine is anything but mundane.

A Commitment to Natural Ingredients

Every gummy is a product of plant-based pectin and naturally sourced colors and flavors, affirming Viteey’s commitment to all-natural ingredients. Being vegan, gelatin-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free, GMO-free, and gluten-free, these gummies cater to a wide range of dietary needs and preferences. Moreover, their antioxidant properties provide an additional health boost.

Adherence to Viteey Brand Standards

Viteey upholds stringent quality standards across all its products, and these Beet Root Gummies are no exception. Each gummy is sourced, formulated, and manufactured with an uncompromising focus on quality. The gummies undergo extensive lab testing for each production run, ensuring each serving delivers accurate purity and potency. The product’s transparency is further demonstrated with the expiration date stamped on each bottle, ensuring you’re consuming a fresh and effective supplement.

Key Takeaway: If you’re in search of a dietary supplement that combines essential nutrients with a delicious flavor, look no further than Viteey Beet Root Gummies with Magnesium & Vitamin C. Their natural formulation, adherence to high-quality standards, and enjoyable taste make them a standout addition to your daily health regimen.

4. Total Beets Gummies

Meet the Total Beets Gummies by Force Factor, a superior beet supplement designed to deliver an impressive blend of health benefits. These gummies, rich in beet powder and nitrates, tap into the power of beets, a renowned superfood, to bolster your heart health, energize your body, and offer potent antioxidant support. Delicious and easy to consume, this beet chewable transforms the nutritional benefits of beets into a convenient and enjoyable daily supplement.

Heart-Healthy Energy Source

Total Beets Gummies offer an excellent source of heart-healthy energy without artificial sugars or stimulants. This wholesome energy boost aids in tackling the everyday challenges of life, providing the vigor you need to perform at your best. Note that careful handling is required as exposure to heat or sunlight might cause melting or damage to the product.

Premium Nitrates for Quality Assurance

Each serving of these Total Beets Gummies is fortified with NO3-T nitrates, a premium, patented form of beet powder extract. This careful formulation ensures a top-quality beet supplement that effectively supports your health and wellness journey.

Potent Antioxidant Support

In addition to the inherent benefits of beet powder, Total Beets Gummies go the extra mile by including a potent dose of grapeseed extract. Grapeseed extract is renowned for its powerful antioxidant properties, providing robust protection against oxidative stress and free radicals.

Great Taste and Convenience

Force Factor Total Beets Gummies have successfully tackled the common challenge of the bitter aftertaste associated with beet-based supplements. These gummies offer a delicious, palate-pleasing alternative without compromising the health benefits. Their convenience as a chewable makes incorporating these into your daily routine an easy and enjoyable task.

Top Choice in the United States

The dedicated team at Force Factor leverages the latest scientific research to produce innovative formulations. This dedication has paid off, with Total Beets Gummies earning the title of America’s #1 Beets Brand. They’ve harnessed the nutritional power of beets in a palatable and convenient format that has won over consumers nationwide.

Key Takeaway: Total Beets Gummies present a well-balanced, highly effective beet supplement that doesn’t compromise on taste or convenience. Their commitment to quality ingredients and innovative formulation makes them a reliable choice for those seeking a heart-healthy, energy-boosting, and antioxidant-rich supplement.

Key Nutrients in Beetroots

Beetroots are packed with essential nutrients that contribute to their numerous health benefits. One of the primary phytochemicals responsible for these advantages is betaine, a compound that helps regulate triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels in the bloodstream, promoting overall cardiovascular health. Additionally, beets are rich sources of vitamin C and betalains – both crucial for protecting cells against free radicals and oxidative stress, which can cause damage leading to various diseases, including cancer.

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Betaine for Regulating Triglycerides and LDL Cholesterol

Betaine plays a significant role in maintaining healthy blood lipid levels by moderating triglycerides (a type of fat) and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol within our bodies. By incorporating beet gummies into your daily routine, you can enjoy this powerful nutrient’s benefits without consuming whole beets or their juices directly.

Vitamin C & Betalains to Protect Cells Against Oxidative Stress

  • Vitamin C: This essential vitamin acts as an antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals produced during metabolism or exposure to environmental toxins. A nutritious diet that includes foods high in vitamin C can help maintain healthy immunity, skin, collagen production and assist with wound healing.
  • Betalains: These natural pigments found exclusively in beets also possess potent antioxidant properties. Research has shown that betalain-rich foods like beetroot may help reduce inflammation markers associated with chronic diseases like heart disease or diabetes while supporting liver detoxification processes (source).

Potential Benefits in Dissolving Kidney Stones

Recent studies have suggested that consuming beetroot juice may help dissolve kidney stones effectively. This is due to citrate and oxalate, two compounds that break down calcium deposits within the kidneys. You can harness these benefits without drinking large quantities of beet juice by including beet gummies as part of your daily supplement regimen.

Incorporating beetroot gummies from organic beet root powder into your diet offers an enjoyable taste. It provides a high concentration of essential nutrients that support overall health and well-being. These deliciously chewy gummies are a great alternative to beet supplements in powder or juice form, which may contain added sugar, artificial flavors, and colors. Superbeets gummies, for example, are made with tapioca syrup, natural black cherry flavor, and malic acid, providing an instant sugar boost without artificial ingredients. They also contain vitamin B12 and magnesium ascorbate, two nutrients that support energy metabolism and immune function.

Eating healthy

Don’t miss out on the health benefits of beets – try adding some tasty beet chews to your daily routine today.

Beetroots are a great source of key nutrients, such as betaine, vitamin C, and betalains which may help protect cells from oxidative damage. Additionally, beet gummies may benefit expectant mothers due to their high levels of folic acid necessary for proper fetal development.

Key Takeaway: Beetroot contains essential nutrients such as betaine, vitamin C, and betalains that promote cardiovascular health and protect cells against free radicals. Betaine helps regulate triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels in the bloodstream, while incorporating beet gummies into your daily routine can potentially harness these benefits without having to consume whole beets or their juices directly.

Beet Gummies for Expectant Mothers

Expectant mothers can greatly benefit from incorporating beet gummies into their daily routines. These deliciously chewy gummies with essential nutrients contribute to proper fetus development and protection against birth defects. Furthermore, beets are loaded with phytonutrients known as betalains which possess potent antioxidant properties that help neutralize harmful free radicals in the body.

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Folic Acid's Role in Proper Fetus Development

Folic acid is a key vitamin in beetroot powder, making it an important ingredient in beet gummies. This nutrient plays a crucial role during pregnancy by supporting the formation of the neural tube, which later develops into the baby’s brain and spinal cord. Folic acid deficiency can cause severe birth defects, so it is essential to ensure adequate intake before and during pregnancy. According to research studies, consuming adequate amounts of folic acid before conception and throughout pregnancy significantly reduces these risks.

Antioxidant Properties of Betalains

Betalains are powerful antioxidants found naturally within beetroots, giving them vibrant red color. They have been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory effects and protect cells against oxidative stress caused by free radicals – unstable molecules responsible for aging and various diseases like cancer (source). Consuming beet supplements rich in betalains may provide expectant mothers additional support for maintaining overall health during this critical period.

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Incorporating beet gummies into one’s daily dose of vitamins can be a convenient way for pregnant women to ensure they receive the necessary nutrients required during this crucial time. These supplements offer numerous health advantages like lowering blood pressure levels naturally (source) and safeguarding vital organs such as eyesight, skin, kidneys, liver, etc., thanks mainly to their nitric oxide content. With various brands offering unique formulations catering to different needs/preferences (such as organic ingredients or vegan options), there is sure to be a suitable choice available on the market today.

Beet gummies are an excellent source of folic acid and antioxidants for expectant mothers, helping to ensure the healthiest possible development of their fetus. Additionally, magnesium content in beet gummies can be crucial in various bodily processes and provide convenience to those who take them.

Key Takeaway: Expectant mothers can benefit from consuming beet gummies, which are rich in folic acid and betalains that support proper fetus development and protect against birth defects. Betalains possess potent antioxidant properties that neutralize harmful free radicals in the body, while folic acid plays a crucial role in supporting neural tube formation. Various brands offer unique formulations catering to different needs/preferences, making it convenient for pregnant women to ensure they receive the necessary nutrients during this critical time.

Magnesium Content and Its Importance

Beet gummies, a scrumptious chewable way to gain the multiple health benefits of beets, also offer an important mineral that contributes significantly to our well-being – magnesium. Magnesium is involved in over 300 body processes, vital for optimal health. In this section, we will explore the importance of magnesium and how incorporating beet gummies into your daily routine can help ensure you get enough of this critical nutrient.

Role of Magnesium in Various Bodily Processes

Magnesium is responsible for several essential functions within our bodies. Some key roles include:

  • Bone Health: Magnesium helps with calcium absorption and bone formation, strengthening bones and teeth.
  • Nerve Function: This mineral supports proper nerve function by regulating neurotransmitters – chemicals that transmit messages between nerve cells.
  • Muscle Function: It aids muscle contractions and relaxation while preventing cramps or spasms due to its involvement in energy production at cellular levels.
  • Blood Sugar Regulation: By improving insulin sensitivity, magnesium assists with blood sugar control – an important factor for those suffering from diabetes or prediabetes conditions.
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Convenience Offered by Beet Gummies

Incorporating beetroot powder into one’s diet might seem daunting; however, beet gummies offer a convenient alternative without compromising nutritional value. These tasty supplements made from organic beet root powder deliver high concentrations of nutrients like betaine, vitamin C & B12 (source), and of course, magnesium ascorbate – a form of magnesium easily absorbed by the body.

Beet gummies offer an easy solution for those who may not enjoy the taste of fresh beets or find it difficult to include them in their diets. With just a few deliciously chewy gummies daily, you can ensure your body receives an adequate dose of essential nutrients like magnesium without adding sugar or artificial ingredients commonly found in other supplements (source). So why wait? Start reaping the benefits offered by these all-natural beet chews today.

Key Takeaway: Beet gummies are a delicious and convenient way to incorporate the numerous health benefits of beets into your daily routine. They contain high concentrations of essential nutrients like magnesium, which is crucial in bone health, nerve function, muscle function, and blood sugar regulation. With just a few chewy gummies daily, you can ensure your body receives these vital nutrients without adding sugar or artificial ingredients commonly found in other supplements


Is there a downside to taking SuperBeets?

While SuperBeets is generally considered safe, some individuals may experience side effects such as bloating, stomach cramps, or diarrhea. Additionally, those with kidney issues should be cautious due to the oxalate content in beetroot products. It’s important to consult your healthcare professional before starting any new supplement.

Are beet gummies really good for you?

Yes, beet gummies can provide numerous health benefits, including improved circulation and organ protection through nitric oxide content; antioxidant properties from vitamin C and betalains; regulation of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol by betaine; and magnesium content for overall health maintenance. However, it’s essential to choose high-quality products from reputable brands.

Who should not take beet supplements?

Individuals with kidney problems or prone to developing kidney stones should avoid taking beet supplements due to their oxalate content. Pregnant women are advised to consult their healthcare provider before using any dietary supplement. People on certain medications like blood thinners must also seek medical advice before supplementation.

Is beet gummies good for high blood pressure?

Beet gummies may help lower high blood pressure due to their nitric oxide-boosting properties, promoting vasodilation (widening blood vessels). This effect improves circulation and reduces strain on the cardiovascular system. However, people with hypertension must consult a healthcare professional before incorporating these supplements into their routine.


Overall, beet gummies offer a variety of health benefits ranging from regulating cholesterol levels to improving circulation and organ protection. Popular brands like Goli, humanN, Viteey, and Total Beets provide easy access to these benefits in convenient supplement form.

In addition to prenatal care advantages and magnesium content for overall health maintenance, it is important to consult with healthcare professionals before supplementation. At Shopper Informer, we recommend checking out our website for more information on the benefits of beet gummies and other supplements.

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